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SAP Consulting for Every Industry

In this globalized world, the centralized management system has now become an ultimate necessity. Embracing machine learning and predictive technology will help you meet customers’ expectations and enable you to be more with less because poor customer services can even dent your reputation permanently!

Today’s business world is moving towards a more controlled business environment through SAP. Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Remove the burden of low-value tasks
  • Concentrate on high-value tasks
  • Contribute more to business growth
  • Meet customers’ expectations effectively
  • Deliver best-in-class experiences
  • Invent new business strategies and models
  • Promote ways to optimize your business operations

Arqaam Global is one of the leading SAP partners in Dubai, UAE. We provide SAP consulting, SAP implementation, and detailed training to help you use SAP effectively and categorize and analyze data to produce growth-oriented results. From SAP financial consulting to SAP customization through ABAP Developers, you name the service and we can provide that. Say hello to unified service and solutions throughout your business channel.

How can SAP Change the Entire Control Environment of Your Organization?

Before the introduction of SAP, the business enterprises were operating in an analog world that was not only slow but very inefficient. SAP will help you transform by connecting all your operations throughout the business. With SAP’s geographical user interface, systems have become friendlier and aligned with business strategies and operations. It helps the management improve productivity, develop useful insights and bring simplicity to your operations.

Types of SAP Solutions Offered by Arqaam Global Chartered Accountants:

SAP is the specific service solution your company needs. SAP operation modules are designed for versatile processes, giving your company separate solutions for:

  • Sales and distribution,
  • Customer relations,
  • Financial management,
  • Business intelligence,
  • Sales and services

Following are the details of SAP development modules offered by Arqaam Global, one of the best SAP consulting companies in UAE:

1. SAP Controlling (CO):

This controlling module will support the process of work planning, reporting, and monitoring of business operations. It will manage and configure master data that covers elements of cost, profit centers, cost centers, internal orders, and functional areas. It will help your enterprise view and organize costs that are required for the financial reporting process. This will enable us to help you:

  • Plan,
  • Track,
  • Perform,
  • And report

We have 20 years of experience in helping local and national clients implement and benefit from the SAP controlling module.

2. SAP Financial Accounting (FI):

This specific module will help your company manage all those complex financial transactions. It operates at a unified system that helps your company’s workforce manage financial and business transaction data. This will consolidate data for legal requirements and diverse business transactions.

With this financial accounting module, we can help your enterprise get a real-time financial position in the market. We have extensive experience at its application helping clients all over the world in reporting requirements. This module is flexible and will work effectively in every kind of economic situation.

3. SAP Materials Management (MM):

This manages all the material for your enterprise:

  • Requires,
  • Is processing,
  • Or is producing.

It helps you maintain all the different types of procurement processes. It has the following sub-components:

  • Invoice verification,
  • Vendor master data,
  • Purchasing,
  • Inventory management,
  • Consumption-based planning etc.

Our team, with a wide range of experience, will assist your company manages materials so that you can save costs and make profits.

4. SAP Human Capital Management (HCM):

If your H.R department is lacking efficiency, this SAP module solution is all your company needs. Within your H.R department, this module will not only enhance data management but will also improve the work process. This will manage all the details and task flows of your most important resource…THE HUMAN RESOURCE. It gives easy solutions and assistance for:

  • Hiring process,
  • Promotion management,
  • Employee compensations,
  • Payroll handling,
  • Termination policies,
  • Performance evaluation,
  • All other related activities of H.R.

With our team of SAP-certified professionals, we can help you implement the best practices so your H.R. department can work at its optimal level.

5. SAP Quality Management (QM):

Quality production is the key to customer satisfaction. The SAP QM module will help your organization in the management of quality during the production process. This module collaborates in production, planning, control, notification, inspection, audit management, procurement, and sales to accelerate your business with high-quality products and services.

With years of experience handling clients from every industry, we can help you adopt the most efficient functional and structural way for you to manage quality, making you one of the leaders of the market with a highly satisfied customer base.

6. SAP Sales and Distribution (SD):

This module deals with managing all business transactions. SAP SD module consists of system configuration, master data, and business operation transactions. It has the following sub-components:

  • Sales support,
  • Billing,
  • Master data,
  • Shipping,
  • Transportation,
  • Credit management,
  • Sales information system,

We are one of the very few SAP Partners in UAE with profound expertise in this module’s implementation and management which can help you control every transaction of your business from proposals and inquiry to pricing and quotation. We will keep you one step ahead at your inventory control and management.

7. SAP Production Planning (PP):

This is another very important module specifically designed for your company’s production planning and management. It helps an enterprise with effective production planning by collaborating with sales and operation planning, master data, materials requirement planning, distribution resource planning, and production cost planning.

As we know that:

Only effective planning can lead to favorable outcomes

We can help you technically manage your planning process so everything flows in a smooth and cost-efficient way.

8. SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM):

This module covers production and business forecasting. It controls the production and information flow of the entire organization. With the expertise of our business analysis experts, our SAP-certified team can help you forecast all your business needs. Feel free to stream-line all your data and forecast all your needs.

9. SAP Business Intelligence (BI):

This module will help you report and analyze data from different heterogeneous data sources. We have great experience of using this module to help clients from all over the world produce intelligent and helpful organized reports.

10. SAP Plant Maintenance (PM):

With this module, we can help you organize all your plant maintenance. We will assist you with all your assets’:

  • Maintenance planning,
  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Breakdown maintenance.
11. SAP Project System (PS):

With this module we will help you with:

  • Billing based on a milestone,
  • WBS elements handling,
  • Monitoring of individual projects,
  • Planning of projects,
  • Costing and analysis of projects.
12. SAP Logistics and Execution (LE):

This module is integrated with production and planning, sales and distribution, and materials management. With our accounting expertise and experience at warehouse management policies and shipment of goods treatment, we will provide you with the best of guidance to handle these technical areas avoiding undue costs.

With many more software modules, our SAP team can help your workflow efficiently with precision.

SAP Services Offered by Arqaam Global Chartered Accountants:

Our exquisite SAP business essential on-site and off-site services can help your business grow, your profits maximize and your operations flourish. Our years of experience in providing implementation services have made us one of the TOP RATED SAP partners in Dubai and the entire U.A.E.

Following are our expert services for your enterprise:

  • SAP Implementation Services:
    With our unique knowledge and best practices, we can accelerate the adaptation, implementation and migration of SAP solutions so that your business transactions operate smoothly, instantly and effectively. Since the implementation is very complex, it is essential that you appoint one of the SAP partners in UAE for best results.
  • SAP Advisory Services:
    We have dealt with many local and international clients from around the globe, and this experience has enabled us to give you the BEST guidance and advice for cloud adaptation and digital transformation that would result in sustainable innovation for your enterprise.
  • SAP Cloud Services:
    Our team can help you create customer satisfaction and organization value through SAP ERP software increasing your operations speed, the flexibility of your service, your transactions complexity and your cultural innovation.
  • Premium Success Engagements:
    Not only mere implementation, but we will help you innovate your business models with SAP by supporting SAP software implementation with ground-breaking packaged services.
  • SAP Support Services:
    We will provide you expert-guided support plans so that you can move from those hectic on-premise solutions to the fast and up-to-date cloud solutions, ensuring high-performing business operations.
  • Innovation Services and Solutions:
    With the next generation, intelligent SAP software and profound skills of our consultants, you can differentiate your business, with customized solutions tailored specifically for your business needs.
  • SAP Upgrade:
    If you already have SAP implemented, we can offer you services for your software upgrade. We will adjust and align all your data to work well with the new, up-to-date version of this software without any kind of interruption to your business operations.
  • SAP Education and Training:
    We are one of the very few Accountancy firms in UAE that realizes the fact that for a business to succeed, only implementation of SAP is not enough. We work intending to teach, train and educate your employees to effectively use SAP software so your operations run without fail or error. Not only this, but we will also provide continuous supervision to make sure nothing falls through any cracks!
Why Appoint Arqaam Global for SAP Consulting & Implementation?

We are one of the leading SAP consulting companies in Dubai providing services all over UAE. Embracing this digital business expertise can help you stay on top of today’s competitive environment. SAP solutions will not only make your operations smooth but also help to deliver better customer quality. But this can only be possible if you choose the best service provider who has all the relevant experience and also understands your industry well.

Our team has assisted numerous clients successfully benefit form SAP software & below are some of the top reasons for choosing us as your service providing partner:

Strategic Reasons:

  1. 15+ years of experience at implementation and handling of SAP software.
  2. Experience of handling SAP problems of clients from versatile sectors. We can provide you with a long list of all the industry experience we have gained over the years.
  3. Hands-on experience of providing SAP service and solutions to numerous local and international clients.
  4. Team of profound certified accounting professionals, chartered accountants, bookkeepers, public accountants guiding for the best SAP accounting treatments.
  5. Close collaboration of accounting partners with clients providing excellent supervision.
  6. Expert at implementing, handling and customizing every kind of SAP module for your enterprise.
  7. Continuous training and education of staff, ensuring up-to-date software skills development.
  8. Exquisite round the clock customer support to provide you 24/7 expert advice.

Operational Reasons:

With all the innovation in the business industry, working without a good SAP solution can prove to be fatal. Growing with technology can help you create business value and efficiency for conducting complex business operations. We can help you use SAP solutions most favourably because as it is said,

A solution not used correctly is a solution not used at all.

We can help your business flourish and your profits maximize through the following:

  1. Easily Rolled-out and Scalable:
    Numerous business processes can be supported by SAP. Our team can help you roll out your SAP solutions internationally since these systems are available in multiple international languages. These solutions are extremely scalable in which we can help you add successive functions as your business expands.
  1. Handling Your Complex SAP Problems:
    Using SAP where at one end is most advantageous but at the other can be highly complex. Understanding all the intricacies of this technical software can prove to be a bit of a fuss and if not handled appropriately can cause more damage than benefit! Our team is an expert with SAP and every kind of SAP treatment. We will assist and guide you from implementation to its smooth running so your business can grab the ultimate benefits of this useful technology.
  1. Best Practices and Predefined Processes:
    SAP is more than just a software. Its predefined processes and best standard practices ensure that the implementation of this technology is smooth and quick. We can help you utilize this I.T technology so your business processes and operations are supported optimally.
  1. Quick Introduction and Implementation:
    With our years of experience at SAP software, we can develop particular procedural models that best fit your business needs. With, defined procedures, we will help introduce this amazing technology throughout the organization without causing a stop to your daily operations.
  1. All Specialist Departments’ Integration:
    Without interlink between different software solutions, it is hardly possible to flow the operational data consistently. We will offer you SAP solution implementation that will ensure all your specialist departments are integrated. This way, you would not only be able to enjoy end-to-end processes across all departments but even for the company.
  1. Exit from Our Services:
    At any time if you feel your work team has gained enough knowledge of SAP and can handle things by themselves, we’ll provide you with complete independence of operating SAP with our regular supervisory service. This will help you work on your own and ensure that you have constant guidance as and when required.
  1. SAP Data Analytics:
    SAP data analytics dashboard can help you filter all your multiple transactions and complex data to produce meaningful results. This will result in producing insights into your business operations so you can make effective strategies.
  1. Expert on all the SAP Modules:
    Not to mention, we are one of the very few software companies in UAE that are specialized in every kind of SAP software implementation and on-going operation.We can help you with:
    • SAP S4/HANA
    • SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
    • Sap Business One
    • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
    • SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) etc
Our Cost:

Our team understands that if a solution is not cost-efficient, it’s hard for an organization to realize its benefit. We offer one of the most reasonable and negotiable SAP services for your company. You can choose the most suitable procedures for your company so you only pay for the services you accrue. The costs would be dependent on the components of services you acquire.

You can choose to either:

  • Pay-as-go,
  • Pay on weekly basis,
  • Pay on monthly basis,
  • Pay for hourly services,
  • Just pay a one-off fee,
  • Pay price on a modular basis.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Our team has a wide range of experience of providing SAP services to clients from all over the globe. We will help companies from any corner of the world, whether big or small, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Our certified professionals are accounting experts and collaborate with our SAP service providers so that all your complex accounting issues are handled efficiently. Our expertise will ensure accurate implementation and smooth running.

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5. How do you charge for services?

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast