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Forensic Audit Services in UAE – Exceptional Service for Exceptional Circumstances

As famously said: a company well managed for uncertainty, is a company well prepared for success”.

No company can ever have a system that’s absolutely foolproof. In this era of global linkages, every existent company is vulnerable to loss and failure. High-stake matters involving fraud, corruption, accounting irregularities, bribery by employees, collaborative deception by management, and compliance issues are often backed up by trust, credibility, and resources. These vital problems have engulfed most of the companies and have led to a devastating climax, ending in:

  • Loss of value
  • Costly litigations
  • The threat to the continuity of operations
  • Unauthorized use
  • Loss of reputation
  • Misappropriation of company’s precious assets

Hence ‘trust but verify’ is your only escape!

WE AT Arqaam Global CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS CAN HELP your company avoid such dreadful outcomes through immediate, actionable insights in the form of ‘Forensic Audit in UAE’

What is a Forensic Audit?

Forensic Audit/Accounting is the process of using the company’s accounting records to investigate possible fraud or other criminal activity. Such services help to examine and provide a basis for evaluation of a company’s accounting records and financial information, to be used, if required so, in legal proceedings. Companies conduct forensic audits to sue culprits convicted for fraud, robbery or other financial misconduct.

Arqaam Global is the ONLY audit firm in UAE and the entire Middle-East that can help you visualize that forensic audits are not only used for litigations but are means for early discovery of fraud and misuse of your company’s assets, right under your nose!

Who Needs a Forensic Audit in UAE?

What if we tell you that your future uncertain losses can be effectively avoided?

HOW? Through detailed, beforehand investigations known as forensic audits.

If you’re running a company, and want to turn complex issues into:

  1. opportunities for resilience
  2. long-term advantage
  3. good governance & control

You definitely need reputed and qualified Accounting firms, to help & guide you to take steps towards anti-corruption, accountability and assets recovery, enabling you to gain the trust of the public and foreign investors.

If your company aims to establish better standards for:

  • transparency,
  • effective internal controls and
  • frameworks for managing the risks of corruption and fraud

All you need is, Arqaam Global Forensic Audit Services assisting you in the use of best practices and applied technologies for preventing and detecting error and unethical conduct, ultimately leading to success.

Why Forensic Audits Are Usual in the UAE?

UAE is one of the largest hubs of business and wealth. Companies in the UAE hold a diversity of cultures, having employees from almost every region of the world. Such great excellence and versatility where at one end is fabulous, at the other end exposed to greater threats of fraud, misconduct, formal disputes, and manipulation of internal controls.

Our Forensic Accounting Services in UAE will help your company not only to avoid and identify fraud, misconduct, violations of regulations but will also suggest appropriate means for:

  • Effective internal controls,
  • Reduce exposure to commercial loss
  • Easy ways to avert and settle disputes.
  • Prevent criminal activity
  • Consistent and close monitoring of activities
Why Arqaam Global for Fraud Examination/Forensic Accounting?

We have over a decade of experience in fraud examination assignments across various industries. Our competent team of fraud examiners possesses in debt knowledge and experience of accounting and audit from scratch till end ensuring full coverage of your books. Some of the areas we cover are as follows:

  • In-depth analysis of financial data which goes down till double entry level
  • Staff interviews identified for investigation
  • A detailed review of the supporting documents based on the nature of the assignment
  • Forensic research for the recovery of assets and tracing of funds
  • Reports prepared based on analysis conducted
  • Generate analytical data for litigation proceedings
  • Corporate investigations
  • Due diligence
  • Anti-corruption compliance & investigations
  • Forensic technology services
  • Financial reporting disputes
  • False claims act
  • Fraud prevention
  • Regulatory compliance

Our highly skilled team of forensic accountants have excellent analytical, perceptive, and deductive abilities, enabling them to establish the facts, collect and preserve evidence, assist recoveries, and lay a foundation for criminal or civil action.

Our Forensic Accounting Procedures

We at Arqaam Global have certified forensic accountants having special training in forensic audit techniques and the legalities of accounting issues. Our fraud examiners work on the principle that:

‘In every detail, there is yet another detail’

This inbuilt training has made us one of the very few Auditing firms in UAE, capable of examining tiniest of details and picking out even most well-hidden frauds.

Our fraud examination procedures include:

  1. Planning the Investigation: We will have a detailed plan ready before the actual collection of evidence. We believe that having goals and objectives set before conducting investigation always helps towards a favorable outcome. The objectives to base our plan would be:
    • Initial identification of fraud being carried out (if any)
    • Determine the period during which the fraud has occurred
    • Discover how the fraud was concealed
    • Identify the perpetrators of the fraud
    • Quantify the loss suffered due to the fraud
      1. Collect relevant and adequate evidence that would be accepted by the management or/and the court
      2. Identify weaknesses in internal controls and suggest measures that can prevent such frauds in future
  1. Collecting Evidence: Our team in collaboration with the client’s management will collect relevant evidence focusing on every aspect. This will be a detailed investigation that will not only assist us to reach our objectives but will also give you an insight into the ‘holes’ in your control system.
  1. Techniques for Collecting Evidence: Our common techniques would include, but not limited to:
    • Computer-assisted audit techniques (CAATs) – Identification of fraud through computer software programs
    • Substantive techniques – involving; -detailed review of documents –performing reconciliations –through the examination of unusual transactions, etc.
    • Analytical procedures – These will involve trend and ratio analysis. We would compare data to over a period or with different segments
    • Understanding and evaluating internal controls. We would be performing detailed testing on controls, establishing loopholes and weaknesses which caused the fraud or were unable to detect fraudulent activities
    • Conducting interviews with suspected individuals of the management or employees
  1. Reporting: Our specialized team will collaborate all evidence and provide a detailed and descriptive report. This analysis will highlight all the discrepancies in your internal control system and instances of fraud and manipulation of assets. We will also provide you with elaborated solutions as to how you can avoid such instances in the future and prevent immense losses. The report may also be used to file a legal case if the client so desires.
  1. Suggestions: Our forensic auditors would suggest the most appropriate means for you to prevent and detect mishandling of your assets in the future. We will provide you with details of weaknesses and ways to tackle them, to avoid future losses.
  1. Court Proceedings: Our forensic auditors will also be present during your court proceedings to explain the evidence collected and how the suspect was identified. We will help simplify the complex accounting issues and language so that the matter would be understood completely, and it will be easy to see that a fraudulent or criminal activity was carried out.
Our Charges & Commissions

Arqaam Global have always worked towards customer satisfaction. We believe in ‘Value over money’. Hence, we offer customer loyalty and excellent expertise at rates that would not burden your pockets! The costs are unique to every engagement and will depend upon the nature of work, scope of examination, period of examination, and intensity of suspected fraud. Our packages are highly affordable with friendly negotiations. So do not hesitate to step-up for booking us in.

But Why Arqaam Global Chartered Accountants?

If you want to remain one step ahead of uncertainties, one lap closer to success, Arqaam Global is your only solution! We can help you:

  • Manage unknown fraud & criminal activities
  • Respond to known obstacles of manipulation and
  • Arise as leaders of success and victory

Arqaam Global is one of the top audit firms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and all other states of the UAE having certified public accountants, chartered accountants, forensic accountants, traditional investigators, compliance specialists, electronic discovery and computer forensics experts and cybersecurity specialists. Our expertise in accountancy, audit, and extensive knowledge of the legal framework, will guide you to provide insight, direction and hands-on guidance in matters related to financial misconduct, tampering with books, regulatory compliance, anti-corruption, weak internal controls, investment schemes, and fraud.

Our specialist forensic team possesses forensic knowledge around laws, courts and dispute resolution, planning and preparation, information gathering and preserving, discovery, reporting and testimony to take you to step by step towards battling:

  • asset misuse,
  • economic damages,
  • shareholder disputes,
  • family law,
  • fraud through prevention, detection and response,
  • bankruptcy and insolvency,
  • electronic data insecurity,
  • risk through weak internal controls

Arqaam Global will be the torch for helping your company move forward with confidence and adequate paperwork through an environment of emerging global footprints and increased regulations.  Throughout the years we have built strong client relationships of trust and value, and we aim to work towards a better economy.

‘So, if you want your business to flourish with certainty, let Arqaam Global handle your uncertain obstacles’

Benefits of Choosing Arqaam Global for Forensic Audits

Arqaam Global is by far the ONLY accountancy firm in UAE which realizes the fact that Forensic audit is much more than just a response to litigations. By annual Forensic audit, a company’s management can foresee weakness in internal controls and loss through misappropriation of financial statements.

We help our clients predict, detect, and respond to the risks and vulnerabilities in advance, avoiding losses and damages in the future.

Following are some of the benefits of choosing us for forensic audits in UAE:

  1. Cost-effective Rates

    High-quality service at highly cost-effective rates.

  2. Data Security

    We have a long history of strict data security protocols. We ensure that your confidential information is secure and safe at all times.

  3. Quick Turnaround Time

    Our specialized team of investigators works swiftly with expertise giving you timely & accurate results.

  4. Advanced Technology & Techniques

    Our team uses some of the most high-level technologies and techniques enabling them to investigate every little detail and developing the most accurate results. No fraud, misconduct, or control weakness has ever escaped the eye of our investigators!

  5. High-Quality Training

    Every member of our team is well trained and equipped with specialized knowledge to handle complex matters and reach goals.

  6. Monitoring Assistance:

    Our forensic audit team will help you keep a close eye on your employees, monitoring their actions, and keeping a close check on the operations of your company. This will help you evaluate threats to the continuity of your company’s progress and act instantly.

  7. Specialized Workforce

    We have a highly experienced group of auditors, accountants, fraud investigators, forensic examiners, CPAs, etc. with extensive experience and knowledge, leading towards a better outcome. Be it an accounting services requirement, tax consultancycompany formation or company liquidationERP implementation, or a forensic audit, our specialized workforce allows us to provide all these services under our integrated professional services umbrella.

  8. Client Support 24/7

    We are always available for assistance, providing our valued customers with never-ending support, 24x7x365 of forensic expertise.

  9. Ongoing Assistance

    Our team will provide ongoing assistance, advice, and guidance so your company runs smoothly without any fear throughout the foreseeable future.

  10. Free Services

    We do not charge our clients if they just need our help. Contact us to find out more.


‘Trust with verification is the way of leaders’

So you trust & we verify.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is by far a myth Arqaam Global is trying hard to eliminate that ‘forensic audits are only required for litigations’

Forensic audits are a way for a company’s management to see before-hand the weakness that exist in the internal control systems. Frequent (usually annual) examinations can help you detect and respond to fraud and corruption that may have been extended for past many years. This will not only help you safeguard your assets from unauthorized use but will also ‘ring a bell’ to the employees that their actions are being monitored closely. This will add to your company’s value and eliminate all loopholes in the way of success

The difference between forensic audit and a statutory audit is basically the public’s perception of the auditor’s responsibilities. We explain this as below:

Investigation Vs Skepticism

Forensic audits involve the specialists to investigate the suspected fraud that may have or suspected to have been occurred whereas statutory auditors conduct examination so as to give credibility whether the financial statements are free from error, that is, whether the amounts reported are reliable and consistent with the company’s policies.

In a statutory audit the public usually perceives that the auditor will report on fraud and is conducting the audit to detect FRAUD which is not true. This is the usual expectation gap, which forensic auditors can skillfully fill!

Chartered accountants have diverse knowledge of accountancy and audit but forensic audit is a special field within accountancy. Hence chartered accountants would need to acquire special skills to be able to conduct forensic audit assignments efficiently. They go through special courses covering fraud psychology, use of forensic tools and skill at criminal investigation. They are able to use specialized tools and software. Forensic auditors have special trainings for criminal and fraud investigation cases that is one step ahead of the regular audits. They are usually individuals who also gain good knowledge of law & regulations.

The cost and time is specific to every unique engagement. Each case of forensic audit is different form another. Generalizing every engagement under one umbrella of cost and time is an assumption impossible! But there are some factors upon which the time and cost of each engagement depends, such as:

  • the complexity of matters,
  • the details of accounting records,
  • the period of examination,
  • the intensity of suspected fraud,
  • the completeness of responses,
  • the scope of engagement,
  • whether a testimony or report is requested or not
  • There are 2 basics for the protection of any business:

    1. effective internal controls
    2. regular check & balance

    A company should have whistle-blowing procedures assisting its employees to timely report any suspected fraud. Red-flags should be clearly defined throughout the organization, for example:

    • company’s transactions taking place outside of business hours,
    • an eye for unusual transactions,
    • sudden change in the lifestyle of employees beyond their means,
    • Suspicious behavior of employees who are at important positions or those who handle cash

    You should consider appointing forensic auditors, to help you identify weakness in your controls, discrepancies in the operations or occurrence of fraud.

Only individuals who possess fundamental forensic knowledge around laws, courts and dispute resolutions, have great expertise in accounting and finance and are highly trained to investigate frauds can carry out forensic audits with perfection.

The Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) is the credential issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Such individuals demonstrate a high level of competency in the area of forensic accounting. Their knowledge and skills help them in planning and preparation, information gathering and preserving, discovery, and then reporting results of asset tracing, economic damages, shareholder disputes, fraudulent activities, family law and regulations, criminal activity prevention, detection and response, bankruptcy and insolvency and valuation. Hence hiring only experts to do the job is much more beneficial than spending money and time on unauthorized individuals.

Litigation support refers to assistance during court proceedings. Retaining forensic auditors for litigation support will enable your company to handle legal counsel matters. Push Digits Chartered Accountants consistently provides its clients with the required assistance during all prosecutions and fraud investigations. Our accounting, audit, and legal expertise enables the court to quantify the economic damage, loss of business value or damages due to fraud.

Forensic accounting can also be referred to as investigative or fraud examination accounting. This engagement usually involves detailed examination of fraud or suspected fraud, misappropriation of assets, employee theft, robbery, criminal activity, unauthorized use etc. through a set a detailed procedures provided by forensic auditors.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and ConsonanaWhat we would suggest is that every company that wants to run smoothly without any fear of fraud or loss due to control weakness should retain forensic auditors. Usually forensic accountants are retained by corporations, banks, law firms, government agencies, multiple insurance companies, and other organizations to help analyze complex accounting and business irregularities. To have an insight of the unusual transactions of a company or verify the effectiveness of internal controls to detect and prevent fraud.tia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

You should look into the purpose for which you are hiring the forensic auditor:

  • calculating damages,
  • tracing and dividing assets,
  • investigation of suspected fraud,
  • or valuing a business etc.

The choice of forensic auditor should depend upon the nature of investigation but nonetheless whatever the purpose might be, the forensic accounting firm chosen should have the certification, experience, expertise and a good rating.