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Farhan Aqil
CA, ACCA, CIA, M.Com, Bsc (Hons.) Partner at Arqaam Global

When VAT was introduced to the UAE in January of 2018, it became vitally important that all companies maintain books and records with complete accuracy to comply with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) regulations. Our Accounting Team is fully experienced with VAT compliant accounting and bookkeeping practices.

Without well-designed accounting practices firmly in place, a company makes less-informed business decisions—which poses a direct threat to investors, lenders, and stakeholders associated with the company.

At Arqaam Global Chartered Accountants, we assure you that the accounting services we provide will enable you to make informed and timely business decisions throughout your journey to success. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your business requirements in detail.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi – UAE

In the beginning, just about all significant businesses had at least one educated accountant on staff. Large businesses might have dozens of accountants maintaining financial records for the business. These were not minimum-wage-type employees but were educated and trusted individuals with salaries that reflected their experience and value to the company. This could be an added cost of doing business but the tasks these accountants performed: recording and totalling sales, payments, expenses, purchases…etc were essential for companies to take timely and accurate business decisions.

Time passed quickly and the systems developed and used during World War II to process immense numbers of calculations in a short period of time were made available to businesses after several modifications. The benefits of computing for the accounting process were readily apparent – faster calculations, fewer errors, better record-keeping and reporting. With widespread computer use came the need for better accounting software to fully utilize the available computing power.

Today, the accounting software field is full of products – each claiming to be better at some aspect of business than the others. With all these options available the business owner needs professional help selecting the most effective accounting software for his business. That is where we, Arqaam Global Accountants and Tax Consultants, can help. We are experienced Chartered Accountants having extensive and proven experience of all commonly used accounting software dubai like Tally ERP, Quickbooks, Sage, Xero accounting software. We study your business, your industry, and required functionalities carefully before recommending any accounting software.

Accounting software packages include much more than basic accounting functions. Most have additional capabilities that make doing business easier. For example, check-writing functions, audit scheduling etc. Some packages can even maintain inventory and automatically synchronize data across multiple locations. The ideal accounting software for your company is not the same software as another company. Arqaam Global will make sure the package you select has the functions that your company requires and that you do not pay for a suite of useless functions you will never use. We can provide training to get your staff up to speed with additional support should any issues arise.

ZOHO – VAT Compliant Accounting Software UAE

Overall this is a really good choice for consumers.  What separates ZOHO from other accounting packages is how thoroughly integrated it is with many programmes and apps.  Through its portable connectivity (Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone) it works wherever you happen to be.  You can use virtually any cloud storage to access your personal documents.  It seamlessly integrates workflows, Purchase & Sales orders, reporting, inventory, bill payments, banking, projects, invoicing, estimates, and expenses.  ZOHO even provides a client Portal so that customers can make bulk payments to you, can view all their transactions in one location, and can even provide feedback so you can enhance your services to them.  ZOHO also easily integrates with VAT tracking & reporting, and is one of the few accounting programmes which is accredited and approved by the FTA (Federal Tax Authorities) of the UAE.

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QuickBooks Accounting Software

The QuickBooks line of software is from Intuit. At one time QuickBooks was considered “entry level” because of the low price and simple interface but wide industry acceptance by both accountants and businesses has eliminated that perception. The company offers a range of products including:

QuickBooks Pro: In addition to the expected basic accounting functions, the 2016 version has these advanced features:
• An advanced Bill Tracker puts your money-out info at your fingertips
• In a single step you can clear up your send forms queue
• There is a new “this year to last month” reporting feature
• International shipping through UPS, FedEx, and USPS
• Homepage Insights make business performance reports immediately available
• A single window holds all reminders and notifications such as overdue items, to-do lists, and system notifications
• Advanced Accountant Collaboration Tools lets you share your files with your accountant
• Customer, vendor, and employee notes can be pinned
• Reports and emails can have multiple attachments
• Customizable email templates
• 100 preconfigured report formats
• All your income-producing transactions are available in one place
• Multiple banks and accounts can be pulled together for tax time
• Bounced check tracking
• A Lead Center for tracking sales leads
• A Document Center for storing documents
• Industry-specific report formats shared with other users
• Customer Snapshot puts key customer info at your fingertips
• Transactions can be memorized for recurring actions
• Worksheets transferred to Excel retain your formatting
• Created invoices and forms are professional appearing
• You can send invoices and estimated directly from your existing Gmail, HotMail or Yahoo! Accounts.
• Inventory tracking with reorder points and purchase orders
• Printing deposit slips
• Up to 3 concurrent database users
• 150-200MB data file

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QuickBooks Premier

• All the features of QuickBooks Pro
• More than 150 preconfigured industry-specific business reports
• Up to 5 concurrent database users
• “cost to complete job” report
• Easily import contacts from email address books or Excel
• Tracking balance sheet by class (location, department…etc)
• Track time and expenses by service, client, employee or project
• Progressive billing by job phase
• Track change orders
• Inventory data accessible in one place

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QuickBooks Enterprise 
• All the features of QuickBooks Premier
• Available in up to 10 concurrent users or up to 30 concurrent users
• Data file 2GB+
• Preferred rates for accepting credit card payments
• Technical support, expert assistance and upgrades included
• Online backup of QuickBooks data
• Cloud availability – anytime/anywhere access
• Batch invoicing – multiple customers at once
• Control access with individual permissions for up to 115 activities
• Intuit Statement Writer creates customized financial reports
• Fixed asset tracking
• Work in two files simultaneously
• Track 100,000+ customers, employees, inventory items or vendors
• 14 predefined user roles to enable new users
• Multiple activities allowed I multi-user mode
• Advanced reporting can access all QuickBooks data
• Consolidate reports across multiple company files
• ODBC-compliant direct connection to database
• Improved inventory management with:
▪ purchase order creation
▪ Manage re-order points
▪ Inventory tasks co-located in Inventory center
▪ Bin location tracking, bar code scanning, serial number tracking, lot ID tracking
▪ Multiple location inventory
▪ FIFO costing
▪ Control and automate pricing within QuickBooks

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QuickBooks Mac: most of the features of windows version with these additions:
• Improved launch time over previous Mac versions
• QuickBooks search locates info quicker
• Populate 1099s for contractors
• 115 reports available in one click
• Export to Numbers or Excel
• Data is Windows compatible

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QuickBooks Online
• Works with nearly all devices: PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet
• Three subscription levels:
i) Simple Start
• Tracks income and expenses
• Creates invoices and estimates
• Synchronizes bank accounts and apps
ii) Essentials
• All functions of Simple Start
• Manage and make payments on bills
• View sale and profit reports instantly
iii) Plus
• Adds inventory tracking
• 1099 prepare and print

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Intuit QuickBase is an online (cloud-based) database software package. Intuit has always been a leader in simplified user interfaces and the trend continues with QuickBase. You can integrate your existing data; sync with other cloud apps; and leverage the expertise of other professionals with custom solutions, training and more. There are three version available:

i) QuickBase Essential
▪ Designed for small team collaboration 10 users
▪ replace spreadsheets with a work flow tool
▪ 10 customizable business apps
▪ Predefined roles
▪ Single home page for each app
▪ No report limits

ii) QuickBase Premier
▪ Designed for multiple teams or groups 20 users
▪ Allows definable limited data access
▪ Reporting dashboard for management outside the teams
▪ 50 Customizable business apps with:
• Roles can be customized
• Home pages based on roles
• Advanced automation of workflow
• Product support based on cases

iii) QuickBase Platform
▪ Up to 40 users (or more at additional cost)
▪ Designed for large groups
▪ Allows central user and access management
▪ A controllable development environment for custom applications
▪ Easy integrates with new data system as well as older systems
▪ All the features of the Premier version
▪ Up to 100 business apps featuring:
• Integrated corporate directory
• Developer sandbox
• Scale-able integration API
• Branding Customization
• SLA support for product

Arqaam Global is one of the authorized Quickbooks dealers in dubai. Here at Arqaam Global we have trained experts ready to help you choose and install the Intuit products best suited to your business needs.

Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software

Arqaam Global is an Authorized Partner of Tally Solutions in Dubai. As such we are able to provide the latest Tally software package, best matched to your business. We can also provide customization services to further tailor your Tally Solution to your exact business type, sector, size, anticipated growth, and business preferences. We will follow up each software installation with technical support, staff training, updates and custom programming /automation.

Tally Solutions was originally developed in India as a small business accounting software. In over two decades since the initial release, Tally has become India’s premier business management software. It is distributed in more than 100 countries thanks to a dedicated partner network. Tally has as its company philosophy: “Power of Simplicity”. Tally products go well beyond the basic accounting software – they offer business management solutions.

Some Available Tally Solutions are:

• Tally.ERP 9: Two hundred developers invested three years in the development of this latest Tally package. It is much more than a simple accounting software – it is a powerful and comprehensive business management solution. Installation is easy and customizable – you can install only the features you need then activate additional functions as your needs change or your business grows. Depending on your skill level, the software can be customized for you individual business’s requirements. Contact Arqaam Global to begin your Tally experience.

• Tally.Server 9: This is Tally’s powerful data server that supports multiple users accessing the database concurrently. The installation is quick and easy and includes secure access to Tally data, administration control and monitoring. It is designed to keep pace with rapidly growing enterprises with a server-based data management scheme. Data access is parallel – not sequential – users won’t find themselves waiting while another user uses the data. Arqaam Global can provide the software, installation and support to get you moving forward.

• Tally.Developer 9: Tally Development Language (TDL) is the development language used to build Tally.ERP 9. Tally.Developer 9 is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows programmers to produce added functionality to enhance a Tally Solution or to produce distributed add-ons. The accessibility of the code can be configured for a specific license or open to any valid Tally installation. This is a powerful and complete complete IDE with all the programmer-friendly features programmers demand.

• Tally Shoper 9 is Tally’s point-of-sale/ retail management package. It is designed to make business information available at your fingertips. Based on extensive interaction with retail businesses this software package incorporates all the ideas and suggestions business managers provided. Retail operations will be more accurate and faster – increasing customer flow and profit. Arqaam Global can provide custom integration of Shoper 9 into your retail business operation.

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Arqaam Global is an authorized tally dealer in dubai and other states of the UAE. The above is just an overview of the powerful Tally Solutions business management packages. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and the solutions we can deliver.

Xero Accounting Software

Arqaam Global is proud to be associated with Xero, a New Zealand based software company offering accounting software as a cloud-based service (online accounting software). Xero has been in business since 2006 with global headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach makes installing the package quick and easy and the online data storage allows unlimited users. Xero is a direct competitor with Quickbooks and has been effectively gobbling up significant pieces of QuickBooks’ small business market share.

Xero features a strong basic accounting core with a good selection of additional functions. A network of third-party developers provides additional add-on functionality to match the core package to any small business requirement. Transferring data from QuickBooks to Xero is painless. Arqaam Global is always available to help with installation, training and locally-based support (UAE) if you choose Xero as your accounting package.

Some major Features of Xero Accounting Software:
• You can produce professional online invoices that let you know when they are opened. Recurring invoices are also supported.
• You can import and categorize your banking, PayPal and credit card accounts. Bank reconciliation is quick and easy.
• You can link your inventory to your invoices to keep inventory up to date. Sales and purchases are automatically tracked.
• You can use Xero’s mobile app with iPhone, iPad, as well as Android tablets and phones to manage your business on the move.
• You have access to a growing list of third-party apps (over 450) for inventory, time tracking, expenses, and more. You can match Xero to your business needs.
• You can email custom purchase orders. Orders can be copied to bills for payment.
• You will have full control over cashflow with scheduled payments. Personal expenses can be managed as well.
• You can manage payroll calculations, pay employees and track taxes for payroll. Payroll mistakes and tax problems will be reduced or eliminated.
• You can easily import and convert your data files from QuickBooks to Xero. Simply upload your QuickBooks files to Xero for automatic conversion.
• Since Xero is an online accounting application you can log in at any time from anywhere to see up-to-date business information.
• Your “Dashboard” makes all your bank balances, invoices, expense claims and bills just a click away. New transactions are added with just a click.
• Smart reports are available at any time. You can share reports and budgets in real-time.
• Budgets are easy to create allowing you to estimate future expenses and income.
• Quotes are created and managed easily and can be converted into invoices when projects are complete.
• Automatically prompt customers for invoice payments or late payment notices.
• Personal expenses can be saved as photos from your mobile.
• Built-in timesheets make tracking employee time and attendance easy. Minimizing compliance risks and increasing productivity. Seamless integration into payroll for automatic calculation.
• Xero can prepare W2s and 1099s ; track payments to vendors and export 1099 data.
• With just a few clicks you can send your tax-related data to your tax software.
• Prepare and submit sales tax returns in minutes
• Xero automatically calculates sales tax rates for accurate recording

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Arqaam Global is an authorized Xero dealer in dubai and other states of the UAE. The above is just an overview of the power of Xero accounting software. Please contact Arqaam Global for more information and let us help you move up to online accounting.

Sage Accounting Software

Sage accounting software offers a wide range of products designed to make business management easier. A partial list of Sage products includes:

• Sage One is a small business financial tool.
• Sage 50c Accounting is a cloud-based, full featured business management software available on a subscription basis.
• Sage 100 is intended for small-to-medium companies requiring automation for some accounting and reporting functions.
• Sage 300 supports multiple locations and multiple currencies as well as languages.
• Sage CRM is a customer relationship management designed to keep small-to-medium companies profitably connected to their customers
• Sage Live provides real-time information about your business and promotes quick accurate decisions.
• Sage Payroll services is available in two versions: up to 10 employees and more than 10 employees. It adds payroll processing to other Sage Accounting packages.
• Sage Payments products allow you to accept almost all popular payment methods for nearly all business types.
• Sage X3 is a next generation ERP solution for faster and simpler business management worldwide from any connected device.

We will be taking a closer look at Sage 50c Accounting.

There are several variations of the Sage 50 Accounting software depending on the country or region where the package is available. There are differences in these packages because some of the software evolved from a package called Peachtree accounting developed in 1977 while other variations are based on the original product developed by David Goldman and a group of Newcastle University students in 1981. Peachtree was acquired in 1998. A version is separately supported in Canada as Sage 50 Canadian based on a package called Simply Accounting. For the purpose of this document we will focus on the Sage 50 Accounting – Middle East package which is based on the global Sage 50 variant.

Features of Sage 50 Accounting – Middle East

• A powerful, yet easy to master, user interface with all the tools needed to stay up to date in a dynamic business environment.
• Infinite data storage
• Sort, search, group and maintain your business data
• Transaction rollback
• Multiple company support
• Data drill-down ability
• Data is protected by advanced security measures. Controlled access allows better internal control and segregation of duties.
• Support for multiple currencies displayed in foreign and home currency formats at any time
• Multi-Warehousing can create multiple warehouses and manage inventory movement between them
• Built-in integration with Microsoft Office to make emailing data and reports seamless
• A full range of graphing modules for useful data display
• A customizable report writer for each user across every module
• Supplier and customer balances are instantly available as are purchase and sales history, and detailed transaction analysis with drill-down capability
• Projects can be tracked with transaction allocation, project income statements and project-focused reporting
• The data-driven system keeps the general ledger up to date for rapid access
• Sales and Purchase orders are connected to Receivables and Payable allowing instant inventory management and supply chain control
• Master inventory control puts you in charge of your own inventory. Track goods received and manage cost allocations
• Inventory also manages expiry dates, repairs and returns, tracking by serial number and lot number and pricing control.

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Arqaam Global is an authorized Sage 50 Accounting Software dealer in dubai and other states of the UAE. We are always close by to help you with any Sage Software needs or support. The above is just an overview of the power of Sage accounting software. Please contact Arqaam Global for more information.

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