VAT Consultancy


VAT Consultancy

In UAE, Value added tax or VAT is imposed recently. This tax is applied on all goods or services and is charged at the consumer on the time of sale. It is mandatory for all businesses and companies to ensure the implication of VAT on their services and products. The value of VAT is attained at 5% in UAE which is imposed on every product sale and is mentioned as VAT in invoice.

Note: VAT services are provided through affliated firm.

Arqaam provides professional resources to deal with the VAT implications of your business and advise on the tax implications in the most efficient manner for your business growth. Our taxation experts provide consultancy on utilization and refund of VAT by assessing your business needs according to the laws defined by Federal Authorities in UAE. Moreover, we record the impact analysis of the VAT on your business and describe measure that are necessary for the tax efficiency of the company.

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